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Christmas loans are addressed primarily to those who have not previously saved the appropriate amount necessary to organize a family celebration or holiday trip. There are also many people who, although planning savings for this purpose, suddenly have to spend them on other sudden expenses (eg illness in the family, the need to repair the car). Then credit offers can come to the rescue.

Banks can be used by people interested only in online loans as well as people who prefer a personal visit to the bank. Of course, using the offers available in full via the Internet is much more convenient for many reasons.

The main advantage of online loans over stationary loans is that we can use the online offers 24/7 and on all days of the week, and the stationary offers only on bank opening days (therefore, we will not get a loan on holidays and holidays ).

On the other hand, we can use the online loan at the last minute. If we choose the offer of the bank in which we have a personal account, we have virtually one hundred percent guarantee that the money will be paid to us the same day.

Who can get a loan?

Who can get a loan?


A holiday loan may be granted to a person who has:

– at least 18 years old,
– legal services,
– own and valid ID card,
– source of income,
– private phone number and email address,
– bank account (to which the withdrawal from the loan will be sent).

You also need creditworthiness to receive a loan. Ability is built primarily by our earnings – if they are regular, legal and quite high (at least at the national minimum level), then we certainly will not have problems in this regard when applying for a bank loan.

For banks, a person’s credit history is very often important. People who are not overdue in their liabilities will have a better chance of obtaining additional money than those who have been repaid with their cyclical installments at least once.

On the other hand, you can apply for a loan from a non-bank company with debt – companies are characterized by much greater loan granting than a bank and because they do not verify the customer in such a meticulous manner. Unfortunately – non-bank loans are accompanied by fewer formalities and higher additional fees.

Required documents

Required documents


When taking a loan, we must have:

– ID card,
– email adress,
– own bank account number,
– Phone number,
– confirmation of our income.

Confirmation of income can very often be the bank statement itself (especially if we apply for a loan in a bank where we also have a personal account). This statement shows permanent receipts from payments, benefits, benefits or eg pensions.

If the lender requires something more, we will probably need to provide him with paper documents confirming our income. In the case of retirement, this may be the last episode, and in the case of employment – a contract or certificate of our earnings issued by the employer.

Is it worth taking a holiday loan?

Is it worth taking a holiday loan?


The answer to this question is very difficult because it depends on the individual situation of the borrower. After all, none of us has the same experiences behind us and the same values ​​and family gatherings will not be considered a priority for each of us. First of all, in order to reliably assess whether in our case it really pays to take a holiday loan, we need to think carefully about whether the money we want to borrow cannot be obtained from another source.

If we have a few days off at work, and the amount of credit that interests us fluctuates around several hundred dollars, we can easily find additional employment that will allow us to avoid credit. However, if we already work a few full-time jobs or just a few days until Christmas, during which we do not save extra hours for occasional work, we can really be put against the wall – there are situations where credit is the only way out.

It is also worth considering whether our holidays really require large financial outlays and whether or not we can experience them in a different way. Many of us are often ashamed to ask their loved ones if they would simply not want to invite them for a few hours – if we present our situation directly, no one will refuse to share our meal in such an important time for people. If we don’t have the best contacts with our family, we can also ask a neighbor for such a favor. Meetings at the holiday table can be a great excuse to build friendly neighborly relations.