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People without permanent employment or working under a mandate contract or a specific task contract often have considerable difficulties in obtaining a cash loan from a bank or loans from other institutions.

Contrary to appearances, this is not a problem at the moment, and the solution in this situation may be a loan without income certificates.

Loan without income

Loan without income

To begin with, it is worth specifying what loans without income are really. In this case, it is about commitments that can be incurred by people without a permanent employment contract or supporting themselves from other sources, such as social benefits, scholarships or regular transfers from parents.

Such persons cannot provide the bank with an income certificate, which is often disqualified in the process of applying for a loan. Loan companies only require a declaration of income. On this basis, they are willing to commit. Of course, you must also meet other requirements, such as age criteria, Polish citizenship or a positive history at the Credit Information Bureau.

Loans without income certificates are a good solution, among others for students, persons employed under a mandate or employment contract, or living on sources other than gainful employment. Limited formalities and short waiting time for the decision to grant a commitment means that you can get money on your account even within a few minutes. So it is a huge convenience for people who need funds immediately.

Are loans without income a good solution?


When borrowing even for small amounts, you should be aware that you will have to pay back such interest with interest. Therefore, in the absence of a stable income, it is worth considering whether we really need the funds we are going to borrow. It may be better to give up unexpected purchases or a weekend getaway and not have problems adjusting your monthly installments later than to rash for debt.

Of course, there are situations when a loan without income is the only reasonable solution, such as the need to remove a breakdown in an apartment or repair a damaged car. However, remember to use common sense.

Many loan companies cooperate with the Economic Information Bureaus and the Credit Information Bureau and do not subsidize people who have a negative credit history. On the one hand, this avoids the loss of money that the customer is unable to give away, but on the other, it can protect the borrower from falling into a spiral of debt.

How to choose a company offering loans without an income?

How to choose a company offering loans without an income?

A loan without income is an offer that can be found in many institutions, but it is worth paying attention to the total cost of such a commitment, as well as the amount of installments. The APRC will be a reliable indicator, i.e. the actual annual interest rate taking into account not only nominal interest but also commissions and other fees related to taking out a loan.

The amount of monthly installments is also important, as they cannot be too heavy for the household budget. Otherwise, there may be delays in debt regulation, which in turn will lead to additional interest being charged. If we want to lower them, it is worth deciding on a longer repayment period. At Good Finance, you can easily determine the loan amount as well as the installments themselves.

A special calculator will allow you to determine the total cost of the loan. Such liabilities are usually incurred for amounts of around several thousand dollars. However, the possibility of spreading this sum into convenient installments means that people with no income should cope with their repayment, of course, as long as the loan was taken care of.